2018 EUROPA Competition

PostEurop is proud to present the 2018 EUROPA stamps entries for the theme “Bridges”. Till 9 September 2018, here is your chance to vote for the most beautiful EUROPA stamp in 2018. Click on the images to see them at full size.

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ÅLAND - Åland Post Stamps
The stamp motif depicts the Bomarsund Bridge connecting the ruins of the Bomarsund fortress with the island of Prästö. Measuring 61 metres, the Bomarsund Bridge is commonly known as the Prästö Bridge. It is neither the longest nor the tallest of the 53 bridges in Åland, but it is one of only two arch bridges in Åland. The bridge was complete in concrete in 1958.
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ANDORRA ESP- grupo Correos
The Engordany Bridge connects two towns which were originally independent, Crossing the Valira d'Orient river.
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ANDORRA FR - Service Philatélique de La Poste
Andorra - EUROPA Tosca Bridge, Escaldes-Engordany

Completed in 1820, this arched bridge located at Escaldes-Engordany used to allow people to cross the Madriu River. This bridge is built in rough stone and granite stones, in the Roman style, with a round arch, directly rsting on the rock of both banks. The highest point of the arch is about 10 metres above the riverbed. It is listed as a monument of cultural interest since July 16, 2003, and is currently used as a pedestrian bridge.
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AUSTRIA - Österreichische Post AG
The “Lion bridge” - Spanning across 49 metres over the Danube Canal and towpath, the bridge links Nussdorf in Vienna’s 19th district with the Brigittenauer Sporn in the 20th district. It owes its name to the architect and hydraulic engineer Jospeh Maria Schemerl von Leythenbach, who, in his capacity as Hofbauratsdirektor (court architect), drew up a first plan for regulating the Danube in 1810, although this was never implemented.
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BELARUS - RUEP "Belpochta"
The pedestrian bridge to the Island of Courage and Sorrow on the river Svisloch in Minsk connects the past with the present. On the island there is a memorial complex dedicated to the Belarusian soldiers who died in Afghanistan in 1979-1989. The island is a symbol of Belarus, the Motherland which keeps the eternal memory of its sons.

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BELGIUM - bpost
For this stamp issue, we have chosen one of the oldest bridges that still exists in Belgium. The 'Pont des Trous', is located in the city of Tournai/Doornik. This bridge is still one of the oldest in Europe, dating back to the 13th century.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Hrvatska pošta Mostar
The Roman bridge on the Šujica river is located on the intersection of the strategic roads, and above the river spring lie the remnants of the Roman fortress Stržanj. Šujica, its natural watercourse that is long about 40 km, is called the most devious river in the world. This bridge should also be proclaimed as a national monument of B&H in the near future.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Pošte Srpske a.d. Banja Luka
The Brigde of Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic and Arslanagica Bridge
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Roman Bridge, bridge over the Bosna River was built at the western outpost from Sarajevo, two miles downstream from the Bosna River Source Just as Kozja ćuprija is, in a symbolic sense, the eastern gate of the city of Sarajevo, the Roman Bridge is its western gate. The Roman Bridge is one of the four old stone bridges in the City area that are still preserved.
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BULGARIA - Bulgarska Philatelia & Numismatika
"The Covered Bridge in Lovech" crosses the Osam River, which is the most recognisable symbol of the town of Lovech. The bridge is unique and there are only 3 more in Europe - in Lucerne, Florence and Erfurt
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CROATIA - Croatian Post
The Bay of Rijeka dubrovačka stretches 6 km and is located north-west of Dubrovnik. The small River Ombla, the shortest river in the world with only 30m long from its source to delta, flows into the bay at its first section. Its shape and construction solution – one pylon bearing a cable-stayed bridge – is the first and unique structure of that kind built in Croatia.
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CYPRUS - Department of Postal Services
The €0,34 stamp depicts the Kelefos biggest stone bridge in the district of Pafos dating from the venetian period.
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Czech Republic
The stamp depicts a combined view of two bridges in Prague’s Podoli. The present Stadlec bridge was initially built over the Vltava river nearby Podolsko. The bridge, made of welded iron parts, was built in the Imperial style by Vojtěch Lanna in 1847–1848 and was used for 113 years as part of the major trade route from Bavaria to Galicia. The new Podolsky bridge, made of reinforced concrete, was giant compared to the original chain bridge.
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DENMARK - PostNord Danmark
The image of the two Danish stamps on the minisheet depicts the Great Belt Bridge in the evening sun. The Great Belt Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Europe.
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ESTONIA - Estonian Stamp
The Arched Bridge is an reinforced concrete bridge with a single arch. The bridge has two sidewalks, both are 2.25 m wide. The arch of the bridge is 57.4 metres long, about 1 metre wide and 8 metre high.
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Faroe Islands
FAROE - Postverk Føroya
The stamp depicts the bridge over Sandá river and is a 140 m long and 14,5 m wide road structure located between the cities of Tórshavn and Argir on the largest island called Streymoy. The bridge opened on 28th May 2016.
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FINLAND - Posti Ltd.
For this theme, Posti will publish a stamp sheet designed by Klaus Welp. The stamp shows a wilderness bridge in Suomussalmi.
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FRANCE - Service Philatélique de La Poste
The "Deux Rives" pedestrian bridge linking Strasbourg and Kehl - first road crossing again the border between the two cities - is in this respect emblematic of the tremendous momentum that made it possible to rebuild links between former enemies.
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FYROM/ARYM- Entreprise publique du trafic postal “Makedonska Poŝta“
Bridge from the territory of Macedonia
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GEORGIA - “Stamp of Georgia”
The Besleti Bridge also known as the Queen Tamar Bridge is a medieval arched stone bridge at Sukhumi, Georgia. Located some 6 km from the city centre, the bridge spans the small mountain River Besletka, and dates back to the late 12th century. Thirty-five meters in overall length (the arch itself is 13.3 m) and eight meters high, this single-arch bridge is one of the most illustrative examples of the medieval bridge design popular during the reign of Tamar of Georgia (r. 1184-1213) who is traditionally credited to have commissioned the construction of the Beslet bridge. The Bridge of Besleti has been given the status of national important monument.
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GERMANY - Deutsche Post
The bridges family crossing the river Rhein near Duesseldorf (3 guyed bridges near Duesseldorf). The building in focus is called “Rheinkniebrücke”. In the background the “Oberkasseler Brücke is visible too.
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GIBRALTAR - Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau Ltd.
The Stamp display the Montagu Curtain Bridge located in Gibraltar. The Illustrations featured on the stamp sheet were commissioned to Gibraltarian artist Mr Leslie Gaduzo.
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GREECE - Hellenic Post Philatelic Service
Rion–Antirion Bridge: Innovative designs and off-shore construction methods had to be implemented in order for this unique multi-span cable-stay bridge to become a reality. Note the shallow foundations on reinforced soil, the continuous and fully suspended deck for the full length of the bridge (2.252 m), the huge dissipation system, the stay cables equipped with special para-seismic devices, the expansion joints which can accommodate large displacements in all directions.
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For the first stamp, POST Greenland chose to depict a twilight view of the newly renovated bridge over the river at Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland.
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GUERNSEY - Guernsey Philatelic Bureau
Castle Cornet – Built in 1204 to defend what was once a busy trading harbour, Castle Cornet sprawls over a small rocky islet about half a mile off the Guernsey coast. Its imposing outer walls are linked to the harbour town of St Peter Port by a breakwater built in the 19th century.
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HUNGARY - Hungarian Post Office
The Megyeri Bridge was opened to traffic in the second half of 2008. During its construction 45 600 tons of cement and 120 000 m3 of concrete were used. The Megyeri Bridge is the first and highest steel cable bridge in Hungary. The bridge is also unique because it has the largest (60 000 m2) surface in Hungary.
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ICELAND - Iceland Post
In September 2013 two new bridges were opened over the Elliðaá estuary with walkways connecting them to a larger system in the metropolitan area. The bridge and walkways form a collaborative project between the city of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration. The bridges measure 4,5 m in width and 36 m in length. The height of the support structure is 18 m. These bridges represent a new era in transport with increased emphasis on diverse forms of transport.
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IRELAND - Irish Stamps An Post
The Boyne Viaduct is a railway bridge that crosses the river Boyne in Drogheda, Ireland, carrying the main Dublin–Belfast railway line.The structure is approximately: 1760 feet in length, consisting of 15 semi-circular masonry arch spans, 12 on the south and three on the north side. It was designed by Irish civil engineer Sir John Benjamin MacNeill and was completed in 1855. The bridge was significantly refurbished in the 1930s and again in the 1990s. The stamp was designed by Vermillion design.
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Isle of Man
ISLE OF MAN - Isle of Man Post Office
This winning photograph was taken by David Lloyd Jones, whose name features on the stamp along with designer D M Design. David is a a well-known Isle of Man based author and photographer. His expertise is transport, especially the railways and tramways on the Island.
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ITALY - Poste Italiane – Corporate Affairs/ Filatelia
Ponte Pietra in Verona. The English translation is “Stone Bridge”. It’s located in Verona, in the Italian region of Veneto.
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JERSEY - Jersey Post
Havre des Pas bathing pool was constructed on a popular beach on the east coast of Jersey in the 1890s at the instigation of the Jersey Swimming Club. Accessed by a bridge formed by a boardwalk on a raised pier, it was originally linked to the shore by a steel and timber structure; both the pool and the pier were restored to their former glory as part of a renovation project launched in 1994.
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LATVIA - Latvia Post Philatelic Department
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LIECHTENSTEIN - Liechtensteinische Post AG
The Old Rhine Bridge Vaduz used to serve as the main route connecting Liechtenstein’s main town Vaduz and neighbouring Switzerland. It is 135 metres long and is the last wooden bridge still intact that crosses the Alpine Rhine. Originally built in 1870/71 and reconstructed on the pillars of the previous bridge in 1900/01, it was completely renovated for the last time in 2009/10.
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LITHUANIA - PLC Lithuania Post
Trakai Castle Bridge - a pedestrian bridge on Lake Galvė leading to one of the larger islands - Castle Island in Trakai. The bridge connecting the city with the castle consists of two parts, among which the Karaim or Cowan Island
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As every two years POST Luxembourg has organised a drawing contest for adolescents in secondary schools. The focus was on interpreting the theme « bridges » in a figurative sense. “What do bridges mean to you ?” “Bridges transcend borders and link States, regions, cities and families”. “What further roles can they play?” A Jury has selected one of the drawings as the winner of the competition and it has been issued as Europa stamp.
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MALTA - MaltaPost p.l.c.
The St. Elmo Bridge was originally built when Malta was under the British rule. The bridge was part of the breakwater project and it was declared complete in 1910, taking 7 years and 500 men to finish. This bridge gave access to the breakwater, however it was destroyed during the Second World War by the Italian Navy. On 2011 the bridge was redesigned and modelled on the destroyed Victorian bridge while still keeping some of its features.
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MOLDOVA - S.E. “Posta Moldovei”
On the postage stamp with face value of 11 L it is represented the wooden flying bridge over the Raut river, village Pohorniceni, Orhei, which has a length of 76 m. and a width of 1.5 m.
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MONACO - Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste
The theme of the EUROPA stamp contest organised by PostEurop this year is "Bridges". The stamp represents the Sainte Dévote Bidge, an arch bridge located in the valley of the same name above the church dedicated to the patron saint of Monaco. This bridge was originally a rail bridge. Since the railway station was put underground, it has become a road bridge.
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MONTENEGRO - Philatelic Bureau
The stamp represents the bridge in Moštanica, one of the most interesting and antique monuments on the of Nikšic, Montenegro.
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The Kwakelbrug in Edam is a narrow wooden bascule bridge that dates back to the eighteenth century. The bridge was already marked in a map published by Frederick de Wit after 1698, the original copperplate for which was engraved in 1650. The bridge, which spans the Boerenverdriet canal, is located at the end of Scheepmakersdijk.
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NORWAY - Posten Norge AS
The Hardanger bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Norway. The bridge is 1,380 meters long, with a main span of 1,310 meters. The maximum deck height is 55 meters and the towers reach 200 meters above sea level. The main span is one of the longest suspension bridge spans in the world, and 30 meters longer than the Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco.
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POLAND - Poczta Polska
The bridge links the two banks of the Vistula River. It was built to enable the running of a busy railway line between Berlin and Krolewiec. It used to be the longest and largest bridge in Europe until mid-19th century. The structure was entered onto an international list of historical civil engineering monuments.
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PORTUGAL - CTT Portugal Post - Philately Department
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PORTUGAL (ACORES) - PORTUGAL - CTT Portugal Post - Philately Department
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PORTUGAL (MADEIRA) - PORTUGAL - CTT Portugal Post - Philately Department
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Republic of Serbia
SERBIA - Public Enterprise Post of Serbia
The stamp shows the “Gazela” bridge across the Sava river in Belgrade. Opened in 1970, thanks to the unusual construction, it resembles a gazelle in a race.It is constructed with a combination of beam and arc system, there is no classic bow that carries it and does not stand on the pillars.
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This is Romania’s oldest cast-iron bridge, with a length of 10.40 m, and it was built in 1859, taking the place of an older wooden bridge. The three legends that are connected to this construction piece are older than the cast-iron bridge and the stories date from long ago when there was only the wooden bridge.
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Russian Federation
RUSSIAN FEDERATION - MARKA Publishing and Trading Centre
The stamp bears an image of the Soaring Bridge in Moscow. The bridge was opened in Zaryadye Park in September 2017. The Soaring Bridge is a V-shaped viewing point. An unsupported observation deck with high glass balustrade is at the core of the structure. The bridge’s length is 244 m, weight is 3,700 tons.
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San Marino
The 0.95€ stamp shows the Valdragone railway bridge with a blue and white train, with the three towers of San Marino in the background.
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Slovak Republic
SLOVAK - Slovenská pošta
The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) over the Danube River in Bratislava joins the city centre with the newly built housing complex of Petržalka. It was created by architects Jozef Lacko, Ladislav Kušnír, Ivan Slameň and a stress analyst, Arpád Tesár. It was built between years 1967 and 1972.
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SLOVENIA - Posta Slovenije d.o.o.
Puh Bridge in Ptuj
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SPAIN - grupo Correos
Bridge locates in the town of San Vicente de la Barquera, in Cantabria.
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SWEDEN - PostNord Sweden
Part of the Öresund Bridge.
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SWITZERLAND - Swiss Post Stamps & Philately
The Trift Bridge is one of the longest and highest pedestrian-only suspension bridges in the Alps. It is 170 metres in length, and is suspended above the Trift glacier at a height of 100 metres.
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TURKEY - General Directorate of Turkish Post
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UKRAINE - USEP "Ukrposhta"
Lithic railway viaduck of nine arcs – It is one of the most beautiful bridges in Ukraine, built of natural stone. It was built in 1896.
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Vatican City
VATICAN - Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico - Governatorato
Sant'Angelo Bridge in Rome.
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