24 Apr 2017
Organisational Announcement
We would like to bring to your attention several changes within the PostEurop Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Circle (CSR). [read more...]
24 Feb 2017
Published Inside PostEurop (2015-2016)
This unique publication brings together the Association’s activities, challenges and achievements in the last two years, and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues. [read more...]
17 Jan 2017
Position paper on the EC's proposal for Cross-Border Parcel Delivery Regulation
PostEurop’s E-Commerce Green Paper Working Group published a position paper on the EC's proposal for Cross-Border Parcel Delivery Regulation [read more...]
02 Jan 2017
Interview with the Chairman, Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville
Congratulations Jean-Paul on being elected Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board for the third mandate. PostEurop has been a Member-driven organisation and therefore, the governance of the Management Board is pivotal to the current and future development of the Association. Our members have come to know and understand the value of being a part of this community. Under your leadership over the years there has been a number of initiatives for the good of the industry. [read more...]
15 Nov 2016
Management Board for the term 2017-2019 Elected
At PostEurop’s Plenary Assembly in The Hague on 9 November 2016, Members elected the official Management Board for the term 2017 till 2019. [read more...]
14 Nov 2016
PostEurop published its contribution to the public consultation on the Single Market Information Tool (SMIT)
On 7 November 2016, PostEurop submitted a position paper presenting its contribution to public consultation of the European Commission on the proposal of a Single Market Information Tool (SMIT), as outlined in the Single Market Strategy of October 2015. [read more...]
04 Oct 2016
Organisational Announcement
[read more...]
06 Sep 2016
Management Board Decision to postpone the PostEurop Plenary Assembly
Message sent to all official Members contacts on behalf of Botond SZEBENY, Secretary General [read more...]
19 Aug 2016
Developments concerning the UPU Congress, with possible impact on the PostEurop Plenary Assembly
The final result of the ongoing discussions pertaining to the security aspects of the upcoming UPU Congress in Istanbul, and the uncertainty about whether or not the Congress will indeed be held in Istanbul, may have an impact on our next Plenary Assembly, scheduled to take place on 20 September 2016 in Istanbul. [read more...]
22 Jul 2016
New Groupe La Poste study on the biggest obstacles of e-commerce development
PostEurop would like to bring to your attention a new study from Le Groupe La Poste, on the biggest obstacles of e-commerce development. [read more...]
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