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30 Oct 2013
Stamps, letters and postcards are now available online at Poczta Polska
Starting from yesterday, Polish Post's customers can buy online and print postage stamps and send letters or postcards which the postman will deliver in paper form. What made it possible is developed by Polish Post web platform operating under Envelo brand. It is a tool that allows the use of postal services anywhere and anytime. The company responsible for implementation of this functionality is Polish Post Digital Services (Poczta Polska Usługi Cyfrowe). [read more...]
30 Oct 2013
Itella’s result weakened due to declining delivery volumes
The structural transformation in the postal industry is beginning to have an increasingly significant impact on Itella's business. The delivery volume of traditional letters declined by 5 percent in January-September, while newspaper delivery volume fell by 6 percent and magazines by 7 percent. In addition to the decline in volume, the economic recession had a negative effect on the Group's result. [read more...]
30 Oct 2013
Itella seeks growth through e-commerce and the Russian market
Growth of digital communications threatens to halve traditional mail volumes [read more...]
29 Oct 2013
Poczta Polska introduces pre-paid parcels’ bundles tailored for e-business
Poczta Polska, following the example of telecoms, introduces a selection of pre-paid parcels’ bundles. This is the first solution tailored to e -business. [read more...]
29 Oct 2013
Lithuania Post is Moving to a New Logistic Centre in Vilnius
Lithuania Post is strengthening its position in courier market and is moving its courier activities carried out by the subsidiary company Baltic Post to a new logistic centre located in Vilnius. The logistic centre situated closed to the city centre will admit, distribute, and deliver items sent via LP EXPRESS couriers. [read more...]
25 Oct 2013
Swiss Post is further developing electronic services
Swiss Post is continuously developing its services, particularly in the electronic field, focusing on customer orientation and cutting-edge technology. [read more...]
24 Oct 2013
Customers are satisfied with Swiss Post
Customers are satisfied with Swiss Post’s services. This was revealed by the results of this year’s survey of about 37,000 business and private customers. The customer satisfaction index is higher than the previous year with a score of 80 out of 100 points (2012: 79). [read more...]
16 Oct 2013
£489 million of Free Shares in Royal Mail allocated to approximately 150,000 employees
A total of approximately 100,002,500 Free Shares have been allocated for eligible employees. This gives a total initial market value of approximately £489 million [read more...]
15 Oct 2013
Royal Mail admission to trading on the London Stock Exchange
[read more...]
30 Sep 2013
Eesti Post appointed a third member of the board
Council of Eesti Post appointed Ansi Arumeel as the third member of the board on Friday. This step demonstrates company's clearfocus on developing and extending logistics business in the Baltic States. [read more...]
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