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05 Sep 2013
Deutsche Post DHL calls on its employees worldwide to act on their social responsibility
Ten thousands of employees mobilize for "Global Volunteer Day" for the third consecutive year - Program now extended to the entire year [read more...]
02 Sep 2013
Swiss Post launches SMS postage stamp
Swiss Post launches mobile franking of letters as of today. A code, can be requested via SMS text message or via the Swiss Post smartphone app, which is then noted on the envelope. This easy way of franking costs CHF1.20. During a one-year pilot project, the offer will be available for A Mail items. In an initial phase, telecom providers Swisscom and Sunrise will participate in the trial. Swiss Post thus expands its product range for mobile customers. [read more...]
27 Aug 2013
Royal Mail Quality of Service
Royal Mail beat its First Class and Second Class mail quality targets in the first quarter of the 2013/14 financial year, according to independent research. [read more...]
27 Aug 2013
Philippe Wahl has been appointed as director of Le Groupe La Poste, and has been recommended for the position of Chairman.
Today, at a meeting chaired by Jean-Paul Bailly, the Board of Directors of Le Groupe La Poste appointed Philippe Wahl as a Director, in order to fill the position left vacant by the resignation of Guillaume Gaubert, the Government Representative. [read more...]
23 Aug 2013
Swiss Post remains on track - Interim Report 2013
Swiss Post successfully completed the transition to its new legal form and remains on track after six months of the year following its conversion to a public limited company. [read more...]
16 Aug 2013
Itella to introduce a new solution for online store product returns
In the fall, Itella Posti Oy will launch a solution for online stores which will make it easier for consumers to return purchases they make from online stores. Through Itella Maksuturva, consumer customers can track the delivery, contact the store, notify the store that they will return products, and print out an address card for returning the products. The service makes for safe payments for purchases, and safe refunds. Suomen Maksuturva Oy is Itella's partner. [read more...]
29 Jul 2013
Pošta Slovenije and Hewlett-Packard to develop cloud services together
Pošta Slovenije and HP have signed an agreement of cooperation for the development of IT services. [read more...]
22 Jul 2013
Royal Mail announces £70 million initiative to improve the value of business mail through barcode technology
Royal Mail today announced the £70 million investment in a major initiative that will see barcodes added to letters so that large companies can track their mail through the postal network. [read more...]
22 Jul 2013
Swiss Post launches pick@home parcel collection
Swiss Post is gearing its service towards the requirements of its customers even more by introducing a simple collection service for returning parcels under the name pick@home. The new service enables customers to have return parcels collected from home or another address by the postal carrier. [read more...]
18 Jul 2013
La Poste is setting out its 2013-2018 Strategic Plan
Today, La Poste presented its 2013-2018 strategic project, entitled “a shared trust”, to its Board of Directors. This strategic project, which was elaborated based on the lessons learned from an extensive participatory process that involved postmen and women and all stakeholders, deepens the actions launched in each business line, and embodies Le Groupe La Poste‘s ambition to become the market leader in the local and in-home service distribution sector, the reference citizens' bank, and a world-wide player in the Parcels-Express market, while accelerating its digital transition and the convergence of its physical and digital networks. [read more...]
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