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21 May 2013
World’s first official Angry Birds stamps to be published in September
Finnish stamps to be published during the remainder of the year will also feature art, education, and culture [read more...]
16 May 2013
Swiss Post buys Pitney Bowes' UK and Ireland Management Services business
Swiss Post has signed an agreement with Pitney Bowes Limited and Pitney Bowes Ireland Limited concerning the purchase of their mailroom and document management services in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. [read more...]
16 May 2013
Itella exceeds its environmental goal
Last year, Itella Group decreased its carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 metric tons in Finland last year. From 2007 to 2012, carbon dioxide emissions compared to net sales have decreased by 26%. This clearly exceeds the total goal, which was 10%. [read more...]
09 May 2013
Lithuania Post Announces the Best Employees in Customer Service for the Second Time
All April long, the residents of Lithuania could express their opinion about customer service received from the employees of Lithuania Post. For the second time, Lithuania Post is announcing the ten employees having received the largest number of positive reviews. [read more...]
07 May 2013
Q1 2013 Results of PostNL in line with expectations
Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL, states: "The first quarter developed in line with our expectations. The underlying performance of Mail in the Netherlands was, as expected, impacted by the volume decline, which was within the guided range of 8-10% for 2013. The first results of the new roll out of the reorganisation are satisfactory. [read more...]
06 May 2013
Chameleon Code links stamps to the digital world
Itella Posti Oy will become today the first company in Finland to introduce the Chameleon Code. The code links printed stamps to the digital world in a completely new way. Through the stamp, users of smart phones and tablets have direct access to the internet and an enjoyable nature video. [read more...]
05 May 2013
Asendia announces the acquisition of Pitney Bowes’ international mail business activities in the United Kingdom
“Asendia, by La Poste and Swiss Post”, the joint venture founded by La Poste and Swiss Post in 2012, announced the acquisition of Pitney Bowes’ international mail activities in the United Kingdom today. This acquisition will enable Asendia to boost its position on this key market, and confirms its development strategy in the cross-border mail segment. [read more...]
30 Apr 2013
Taking on Responsibility Together: Deutsche Post DHL releases its Corporate Responsibility Report 2012
Deutsche Post DHL released its Corporate Responsibility Report 2012 today. The report covers the Group's core "Living Responsibility" programs - GoGreen, GoHelp, and GoTeach - as well as issues and topics relating to Human resources and health within the Group. [read more...]
30 Apr 2013
European companies streamline AR/AP processes
In recent years, organizations worldwide have acknowledged the opportunities brought by e-invoicing: facilitated trade relationships and contribution to the general welfare of business, regardless of industry. The 2013 Billentis report, sponsored by Itella Information, estimates a 20% growth rate in the annual volume of e-invoices worldwide. [read more...]
17 Apr 2013
Lithuania Post made a profit for the second year in a row
Based on audited data, a state owned company Lithuania Post plc. earned LTL 484 thousand of net profit in 2012. Last year, the company’s sales revenues grew as well. [read more...]
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