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08 May 2014
Poste Italiane: Annual General Meeting approves financial statements for 2013
Board of Directors for three-year period 2014-16 elected Luisa Todini elected Chairwoman [read more...]
07 May 2014
Poste Italiane New Board of Directors elects Francesco Caio as CEO and GM
The Board elected Francesco Caio to serve as the Company's Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. [read more...]
07 May 2014
bpost records solid results in the first quarter
Operational results grew solidly as the continued growth in parcels activities and lower than anticipated costs more than compensated the domestic mail volume decline that was in line with expectations. Management confirms its outlook for the year. [read more...]
06 May 2014
Itella Posti to begin a product-specific delivery experiment in the fall
Itella Posti will launch a product-specific delivery experiment in six areas in the coming fall. During the experiment, products referred to in the Postal Act as universal service products, as well as newspapers and parcels, will be delivered five days a week, as is the current practice, whereas letters, advertisements and magazines sent by companies will not be delivered in the experiment areas on Tuesdays. [read more...]
06 May 2014
Lithuania Post Presents Survey Findings
The Postage Should Depend on Item Weight and Measurements, Survey Findings Say [read more...]
06 May 2014
Itella Posti plans to renew its sorting machines
The current letter sorting technology used by Itella Posti will reach the end of its life cycle during this decade. Planning for the procurement of new sorting machines has begun. This would constitute a replacement investment which, upon implementation, would bring continuity to mail sorting for several years to come, not only in the Helsinki metropolitan area but other regions of Finland, too. [read more...]
06 May 2014
Solid performance PostNL continued in Q1 2014
"We had a good start of the year with our underlying cash operating income increasing by €54 million to €77 million. The reorganisation delivered strong cost savings that came in early, thanks to the excellent execution of the transition from a six to five days delivery model and the implementation of a leaner overhead structure in Mail in the Netherlands." - Herna Verhaegen, CEP of PostNL [read more...]
02 May 2014
Greater convenience with PostNL’s Online Shipping Tool and parcel delivery throughout Belgium
Ordering via internet means that more and more people are sending and receiving parcels. Customers shop throughout the world and companies or private traders sell their products world-wide. With PostNL’s Online Shipping Tool, shipping can also largely take place from behind the computer using [read more...]
30 Apr 2014
Itella Posti and Itella Logistics to merge
Itella's Board of Directors has on 29 April 2014 approved a plan for the merger of Itella Logistics Oy with Itella Posti Oy. The aim is to have the new company structure ready on 1 January 2015. [read more...]
30 Apr 2014
Itella’s result for January–March satisfactory considering the market situation
"Itella's business environment remained very challenging in the first quarter due to a demanding market situation in logistics and the transformation of the postal industry." [read more...]
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